How to prepare your Ottawa home for your in-home newborn session

As an Ottawa motherhood photographer, I often preserve families’ initial and most precious memories with & of their newborn in the comfort of their home.

I admire in-home sessions for many reasons, two of those reasons being the comfort it immediately brings to my families, as they’re in a space they know & love very much, as well as because of its convenience factor for busy families.

I have four tried & true tips to help you prepare your home for your next in-home session. Tips that I followed for my own family’s newborn session, which made the experience nigh relaxing & enjoyable as a new mom —

  • Start by selecting the room(s) you would like to use for your session — for example, a nursery & primary bedroom for a newborn session.
  • Send me photos and/or a video tour of your home, and the rooms you would like to use for your session — this will provide me with the opportunity to make recommendations as to which locations within your home will photograph beautifully based on lighting conditions. Remember, I am a natural light photographer. Providing photos/a video of your home at the exact hour of your session will help to ensure I have an accurate idea of where & how light reflects into your home.
  • Before I arrive, open all the blinds and turn off all lights to prevent light casting and various shadows while allowing all the gorgeous, natural light to shine through your windows.
  • Do not feel the need to clean your entire home, but rather tidy up the rooms where we will be photographing your session — this eliminates the need to worry & panic clean when you are already feeling stretched for time.

Do you have questions or wish to learn more about the Brooke Lacombe Photography portraiture experience? Send Brooke an email.

*Newborn imagery captured by Brooke Lacombe Photography
* Mother’s dress and newborn wrap provided by the BLP Client Wardrobe

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