Sustainable children’s stores in Ottawa, Ontario for your newborn & little ones

As a first time mother, I find myself very conscious about the products I use in and around my home for my family. From materials, compounds, and fabrics of cookware, cleaning & hygiene products to toys and clothing, my research has left no stone unturned. Organic, sustainable and non-toxic have become a major priority, and sustainable childrens’ stores help this mindful mother shop!

Why sustainable childrens’ stores? Because they offer a holistic approach to living by considering both the immediate needs of families, as well as the long-term impact that our footprint leaves on the planet, and ultimately, future generations.

Here are two wonderful, sustainable childrens’ stores in Ottawa, Ontario where you are guaranteed to find something that you love for your newborn or little one —

Milan Kids Boutique is a Kids Concept Store located at 1142 Bank Street in Ottawa, Ontario. With conscious living, sustainability and minimalism at the heart of the store’s inventory, it is evident that each item is hand-selected with intention and love for Ottawa families. All of their baby clothing is organic, their toys are minimalist, sustainable and made to withstand the test of time for families to pass down to future generations, and their inventory also includes bedding, bath products, as well as small furniture.

The Mini Branch is a located at 5 Hawthorne Ave in Ottawa, Ontario. The owners are a husband & wife duo, specializing in durable clothing, education toys & sustainable furniture items for children with a mission to help make parenting easier through a Guaranteed Buy-Back clothing program. From first hand experience, the owners have learned that buying better quality products with more durability meant buying less, and ultimately have become more selective with the items they bring into their home.

Both stores offer beautifully organic pieces that would photograph lovely for newborns and children of all ages, as well as timeless toys that your little ones could use as props during your next portraiture experience! I would love to connect, plan your session and curate wardrobe that is sustainable for your family.

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*Newborn imagery captured by Brooke Lacombe Photography

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