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Do your sessions include wardrobe and styling?

Yes, upon booking of any Collection you will receive access to my curated Client Wardrobe - an assortment of beautiful dresses that emphasize mother's feminine side, as well as an assortment of swaddles and outfits for babies. During your Design Consultation, we will plan wardrobe for the entire family that is cohesive and complementary. 

Do you provide hair and make-up services?

Yes, professional hair and make-up services are included in the session fee, which I will coordinate with the stylists upon booking. I happily accommodate my mother's by offering these services from the comfort of their own home or the stylists' studio - whichever option is most convenient for you. 

Are digital files included in the session fee?

No, digital files are not included in the session fee. After your session, we will meet again (in person or virtually) to view your images, and decide what artwork and/or digital files suit your family's unique needs.

How much do your clients typically invest?

BLP clients invest $1200+. 

What type of sessions is the collective membership for?

The Collective Membership is a wonderful option for expectant mothers or families looking to preserve memories throughout an 18 month period. Popular sessions amongst BLP clients are maternity, newborn, six months, and one year. 

Do you require a deposit?

The Collection's creative fee is required upon booking in lieu of a deposit. 

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