How to prepare your Ottawa newborn for their first photography experience

One of the most frequently asked questions that I receive as an Ottawa Newborn Photographer is how to prepare newborns of their first photo session experience.

Depending on the mother’s recovery, as well as the family’s transition into their wildly beautiful life with a newborn, their session will likely take place when baby is one to two weeks old. These very early weeks are often unpredictable and may not include a routine. However, as an experienced Ottawa Newborn Photographer, I have four manageable tips to help my mothers prepare for their newborn session, beginning with their newborn baby’s wake hour. 

If you are dreaming of heartfelt & romantic imagery of your beautiful, sleeping baby, try to keep baby awake for 1.5 to 2 hours before your session. My perspective is that this is a great way for fathers and other primary care givers to soak in solo baby time while mom is being pampered with hair & make-up.

Sleeping goes hand-in-hand with feedings, which is why I then recommend my mothers to finish baby’s feed just as I am arriving or there shortly after — this will ensure that baby is well fed, happy & ready for a snuggly nap.

With that being said, many newborns will still require a feed throughout the session, especially if they are cluster feeding, which is okay! As an experienced Ottawa Newborn Photographer, I capture incredibly frame worthy images of your beautiful newborn baby regardless of how they’re feeling that day. For this very reason, I do not rush my newborn sessions, and always allow baby to set the pace and break when needed. My recommendation is to have a bottle on hand & ready to go. For those mothers who are nursing — this is a wonderful time to capture your intimate & beautiful bond, if you are comfortable with me photographing baby’s feed. If all else fails, having a pacifier available to soothe baby, as needed, is handy and goes a long way in-between images. 

Lastly, have baby dressed in a sleeper or an article of clothing that is easy to transition baby into a swaddle upon my arrival, as well as in & out of outfits, will help ensure baby is warm and content.

Do you have questions or wish to learn more about the Brooke Lacombe Photography portraiture experience? Send me an email. I would love the opportunity to connect via a Welcome Call, learn your story, and discuss how I can preserve your newborn baby’s homecoming.

*Newborn imagery captured by Brooke Lacombe Photography

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